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Informulate is a custom application development firm founded in 2006 with the mission to deliver business impact to our clients. We apply Lean Startup and Agile methodology to deliver solutions that expertly balance business needs with technical execution. We love to build highly useful things, and get very excited about our client’s mission and success.

Here are some of the values we live and work by. 


Share the excitement and the pain. Internalize the client’s mindset. Always be curious and listen actively.


Make a dent in the client’s universe. Look for big opportunities. Do something worth remembering.


Sweat the details that matter. Care about process. Reflect and improve constantly.


Align thought, word, and deed. Take responsibility. Trust is earned.


Find the shortest path. Think for the future, implement for the now. Maximize the work NOT done.

About the founder

Rajiv Menon is an entrepreneur, consultant, and mentor. He is the Founder/Solution Architect at Informulate, a custom software consultancy that employs Lean Startup and Agile methodologies, launched in 2006.

He launched, a free, non-profit portal for startup founders to collaborate with students and professionals, in 2015. He is passionate about impact, the power of community, and the Lean Startup method. He is the organizer of the Orlando-based Lean Startup Practitioners group. He is a speaker and mentor at workshops and groups – notably Lean Startup Machine, WeVenture Orlando, and VentureScaleUp.

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