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“Our current software is old… I’m terrified it will crash or get hacked!

Running a legacy application is scary, but the upgrade doesn’t need to be. Our process includes uncovering your current application landscape, your feature set and roadmap. Then executing on an Agile, iterative plan including development, testing, migration, and ongoing support. The earlier you make the call, the more you save on maintenance costs and increased productivity over the long run.

“How do we know which features people will actually care about?”

Of all the risks in a software project, one of the most insidious ones is building something no one wants or uses. We mitigate this by applying Lean Startup principles to experiment on user behavior and validate using analytics so you are not left hoping for user adoption. Let us show you how. You will wonder why you never did this before.

“Sure, we have multiple applications but why can’t our reporting all be in one place?”

It can. Whether your applications are packaged, custom, web, mobile, written in a Linux platform you have every right to expect consolidated reporting and analytics. Our business intelligence and analytics team can deliver comprehensive dashboards that allow you to make quick, metrics based decisions.

“We’re losing time and money re-entering information into our various systems and merging data through #@$% Excel.”

Standalone applications that don’t talk to each other is part of the growing pains for any company. Your most valuable asset is your employees and you need to maximize their productivity. Our tools make integrating and sharing data between applications easier than ever. Imports, exports or real-time, we get data across applications so your team doesn’t waste time with data re-entry and inconsistencies.

“We need a technical partner who really understands what we’re doing and how we can innovate.”

Today, innovation is the price of admission into business. You have carefully built a strong team but results become harder to come by. We coach and consult with your team to understand Lean Startup concepts, draft experiments, build Minimum Viable Products and create a culture of innovation.

“I need a team that can set my expectations clearly and successfully manage a software development project me.”

You already wear many hats – technical project manager doesn’t have to be one of them. Working with us is a breeze. Status, risks, next steps, burn rates, budget remainder, deadlines, and shared responsibilities are made crystal clear. Will there be challenges that we tackle together? Sure, but there won’t be surprises.

Every Informulate solution is delivered when it is 100% complete.

Transforming productivity at IPD Analytics

Starting from a humble, standalone email publication application, Informulate has grown into a reliable partner over the years in taking ownership of IPD’s software strategy and execution. We re-architected the legacy application to support proprietary analytics, managed a challenging migration of data and business process change, and now are taking user engagement ever higher through enhanced data visualization, personalization, alerts and much more.

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